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VMWare Workstation can’t connect to the Internet


Typically I thought it was something wrong with VMWare Workstation and I started changing settings and also purchased the latest version of it. But it didn’t help at all.

It turned out that the solution was quite easy. The problem was the antivirus. In my case AVG Internet Security.

My VMWare was running fine for quite some time with the antivirus but then suddenly stopped. My suspicion was that AVG updated the database and suddenly stopped blocking the network connections from VMWare.

After searching online I found someone mentioning the antivirus and I figured that I would just disable it and see what happened. Voilá! VMWare worked again. After turning on AVG, VMWare stopped working but the network connection “seemed to be fine”.

The solution

I then searched through and in AVG I found a page called Firewall Policy, the group settings and the third checkbox indicated Share Internet Connection (mine is in Swedish so I don’t have the exact translation). I checked it and now VMWare works again.