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The specified password for user account ‘root’ is not valid, or failed to connect to the database server.

While trying to set up this site as a WordPress + MySQL solution I ran into problems. Platform Installer indicated the root password was faulty. I changed it just to make sure that I haven’t changed it earlier for some reason but it still failed. Note that the platform installer had installed WordPress and MySQL for other sites earlier.

I tried the following and none of them worked. I had to create the MySQL database and user manually and then download WordPress and install it manually as well.

It’s fairly quick task but the platform installer should have worked or just simply asked to ignore the MySQL installation step since WordPress installer can do that.

Here are some of the workarounds I tried:

  • Delete the value mysql_pwd under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WebPlatformInstaller
  • Installed the latest MySql .NET Connector (32 bit).
    Note that MySQL installed on my server is 64-bit, I can only guess the platform installer is 32-bit so it might have something to do with this. But the platform installer has worked earlier.

And here are some of the links that I found:







So the point is, sometimes it faster and easier to just install it manually. Good luck!

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